Dr. Neeta Modi
M.B.B.S., D.A., Cosmetologist
Expertise : Diagnosis , Laser Hair Removal , Non Surgical Procedures.
Dr. Sonali Chawnekar
B.H.M.S., Cosmetologist
Expert in Acne , Pigmentation , Peels, Botox , Fillers.
Dr. Reema Nanavati
BDS , MDS Endo
Expertise : Root canal treatment, Treats Traumatic Injuries , Diagnoses and Treats Pain
Dr. Juili Kulkarni
BDS , MDS Pediatric
Expertise : Experience in management of children while doing painless dental procedures like restorations, extractions, root canal treatment, Management of special children while doing dental treatment.
Dr. Mandar Kate
BDS , MDS Perio
Expertise : Blooding gum therapy , Pocket Therapy, Surgical Crown Lengthening. Dr. Shahin Shaikh B
Dr. Shahin Shaikh
BDS , MDS Ortho
Expertise : Braces and Space maintainers , Correct an irregular bite, Close unsightly gaps
Dr. Ashwin Nadha
BDS, MDS Prostho
Expertise : Dentures , Dental Veneers , Crowns.
Dr. Dinesh Yadav
BDS ,MDS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Expertise : Implantology , Pathologies and Third Molar Surgeries
Dr. Yashakta Nadar
Expertise : Filling , Scaling, Root Canal , Bleaching.